Call for non-NeXT CDROM players that work with NeXTs for the FAQ

Call for non-NeXT CDROM players that work with NeXTs for the FAQ

Post by Nathan F. Janet » Wed, 30 Sep 1992 02:01:56

Lots-o-folks are asking, so it's time to get a list of the non-NeXT
CDROM players that work with NeXT machines.  Please - no speculation,
just the facts (actual experience), and nclude model information.

Please respond by email only.


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1. Non-Next Postscript printers on Next

Hi All,

I've noticed the FAQ with this topic is dated in 1994.  Do you or
someone you know use a non-Next printer from a NS3.3?  Do you know what
printers are most easily integrated/networkable between a Next and a PC?

Any information you can impart on the particulars of
* the `best' non-Next printer used for a Next 3.3
* what cables are necessary (the FAQ mentions "making" :-<)
* any good networkable non-postscript printers that work with Next

Thanks for your assistance,

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