HP Vectra RAM Upgrade

HP Vectra RAM Upgrade

Post by Marcey Da » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00


I recently installed 64MB ram in my Vectra 486/66XM machine running NS
3.3.  It has an onboard S3 video chip.  After some hassles, I have been
able to get the system to boot in VGA mode.  I tried to use the generic
S3 driver with the mapped memory address set to 0x10000000.  The machine
goes through the initial part of the boot, but once the graphics start,
the machine hangs.  Has anyone had a problem like this before?


Mark Jackson


1. HP Vectra upgrade

I have an old 486/66XM into which I recently put 4 new 16 MB SIMMs.
There are 2 partitions on the disk, WIN95 and NextStep.  NextStep is
completely useless, panicing when I boot with 64MB.  If I boot with
48MB, its fine.  WIN95 works with any amount, but I suspect it isn't
seeing all 64MB. I upgraded the BIOS to the most recent release some
time ago.  This smacks of a setup problem, but I can't figure it out.  I
have individually tested all the SIMMs, and they seem to work fine.

Anyone have any similar experiences/thoughts.


Mark Jackson

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