Trade Black Zip Drive for Beige Zip drive

Trade Black Zip Drive for Beige Zip drive

Post by Core » Thu, 11 Jul 2002 01:47:54

I have an Iomega Black Internal 100mb zip drive,Im wanting a white one
to match my pc.anyone want to swap email me.

1. Zip drive vs. Zip Plus drive

I have a Pentium II 266 MHz system running Win 95 (for now, may add
some flavor of Unix later) with a PCI SCSI card, SCSI hard
drive and SCSI CD ROM drive.  I was thinking of buying a ZIP drive.
Should I get a ZIP with a parallel interface so I can use it on other
PCs which most likely don't have SCSI or a ZIP Plus with SCSI and

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jim Marselle

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