Super I/O & NS/I

Super I/O & NS/I

Post by Denny Chua » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 11:44:59

Anyone using Super I/O Card?  The controller card that comes with
HD/FD Controller and I/O/Prallel/Game port.  Does it work with



1. NS 3.2 on NICE Super-EISA Board?

I need help installing NS 3.2.

I'm installing NeXTSTEP 3.2 on a NICE chipset Super-EISA motherboard
(1 VESA LB slot; 8 EISA slots) with an AMI BIOS.  The cards I am
using are:

        Adaptec 1542C driving a Maxtor 540SL
                (I was hoping to use a 1742, but I don't see a
                driver for it)
        ATI Ultra Pro 2meg
        Taiwanese serial/parallel card with 1 16550 on the first serial port
        Microsoft mouse attached to the first serial port
        SMC Elite 16/Combo card
        Pro Audio Spectrum 16

I'm running into disaster here.  With the above configuration, I
get through the initial floppy install, and NeXTSTEP comes up with
its logo and the slider bar goes from left to right as NeXTSTEP
checks the disk, loads services, etc.  At this point the desktop
becomes a blank gray slate with the mouse pointer at the top left,
and the system freezes.

On suspicion of some IRQ overlaps, I removed the ethernet card and
the sound card (both are apparently configured by software rather
than by hard-wired jumpers, so this made me think the default
IRQ/ports might overlap).  Now I get the same symptoms, except
instead of a blank gray desktop, I get the blank desktop followed

        Unexpected kernel trap d eip 1a3f4c

Is NS 3.2 compatible with the NICE chipset Super-EISA board?
What are some possible causes for my problem?
Does NeXTSTEP properly configure the IRQs for the sound/ethernet
card I list above?


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