DSP on Black '030

DSP on Black '030

Post by Ken Overt » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

I have recently purchased an 030 Cube, hoping to use the
DSP for real-time audio applications.  I have done this
successfully on an 040 Cube with an Ariel DM-N digital
microphone for input to the DSP port.  When I tried the
same programs on the 030 they fail.

The simplest application (a talkthrough) produces extremely
loud clicky noise which almost drowns out the real signal
which sounds like it's being severely lowpassed.

Both systems run Nextstep 3.2 with developer and both
systems were installed from the ground up.  Is the 030
and/or its DSP running at a clock speed other than 25MHz?  
Are there any known problems with 3.2 for 030 hardware
that may be related to this problem?  Does anyone else
out there program the DSPs on black hardware at all?  

Please e-mail any suggestions,

  Ken Overton

*          Ken Overton             *


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I've replaced the '030 in my cube with an 25 MHz '040.

The system boots NextStep 2.1 from the hard drive no problems.

Attempts to boot from an OD produce the message:

                        valid label not found

Replacing the '040 with the '030 board permits the OD boot.

If the system is booted from the SCSI drive, I can insert a cartridge
into the OD and WindowManager promptly puts up an icon.  So the drive

I've tried re-writing the boot program to disk.  Didn't help.

I've tried relabelling the disk (using disk(1)).. Didn't help.

Several hours were spent perusing NextAnswers in an effort to see if
this problem has been discussed and/or documented.  Didn't find
anything.. However, my search keywords may have been poor choices.

To anyone out there with an '040 cube bootable from OD: what revision
level is the ROM in your cube?



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