Q: 'disk' command: "label" vs "name"

Q: 'disk' command: "label" vs "name"

Post by Timothy J. Luom » Mon, 05 Aug 1996 04:00:00

For no apparent reason, at any time, my SyQuest EZ135 "loses" it's  
label, and this message appears in the console.log:

sd2 (2,0): ERROR op:0x1a sd_state:4 scsi status:0x0
sd2 (2,0): sense key:0x6  additional sense code:0x29
    SCSI Block in error = 0 (no valid label)

(sd2a is the EZ drive)

First I am wondering if anyone know how/why this is happening.

Secondly I am wondering if I am fixing it correctly or not.

Here is what I do when it loses the label:

[note: charisma is the hostname, and the EZ should be mounted at

shellprompt> disk -h charisma -l Backups /dev/rsd2a
disk name: SyQuest EZ135S
disk type: removable_rw_scsi
Disk utility

disk> name
no label on disk
disk> label
label information: print, write? w
writing disk label
disk> name
enter disk label name: Backups
disk> quit

And then I run fsck on it:
shellprompt> fsck -Pp /dev/rsd2a

The part which most concerns me is the "label" function within the  
'disk' command.  Mostly this stems from my lack of understanding of:

1) what the difference is between the "label" and the "name"

2) what the difference is between the "h" and the "H" flag, and the
   "l" and the "L" flag.  I have read the disk manpage repeatedly,
   but I'm wondering if I am using the wrong process to put the label
   on, which is why it keeps vanishing at random times and places.

3) do I need to do anything else before I quit the disk program after
   I enter the name after "enter disk label name:"?

This error only seems to occur when something is actively trying to  
access the disk (ie it doesn't just happen when it is just sitting  
there) but I suppose that may just be when the OS is finding out  
there is a problem.

Thanks for any help



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