NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Resources on the Net

NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Resources on the Net

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Topics include:
        Major OpenStep/NEXTSTEP World Wide Web Sites
        OpenStep/NEXTSTEP/Rhapsody Related Usenet Newsgroups
        Major OpenStep/NEXTSTEP FTP sites

Major OpenStep/NEXTSTEP World Wide Web Sites

  The following sites are a sample of the OpenStep related WWW
  sites available. A comprehensive list is available on Stepwise.

Stepwise OpenStep/Rhapsody Information Server
      Stepwise has been serving the OpenStep/NEXTSTEP community
      since March 1994.  Some of the many resources on the site
      include: original YellowBox and Rhapsody articles, mailing
      list information, extensive listing of FTP and WWW sites
      related to Rhapsody, OpenStep and NEXTSTEP, OpenStep related
      Frequently Asked Questions.

NeXT Software Archives @
      PEAK is the premier NeXTStep/OpenStep FTP site in North

Peanuts Archive
        The Peanuts-Archive is the premier site in Europe and
        mirrored in whole or parts all over the world.

Apple Enterprise Software Group
(formerly NeXT Computer, Inc.)
      Here is where you'll find the NeXTanswers archive, with
      information on OpenStep installation, drivers and software

Apple Computer's Mac OS X Server Site

Apple Computer's Mac OS X Server Developer Site

Apple Computer's WebObjects Site

Mac OS X Server Developer Documentation

WebObjects Documentation

OpenStep/NEXTSTEP/Rhapsody Related Usenet Newsgroups


      This is the "why NEXTSTEP is better (or worse) than anything
      else in the known universe" forum. It was created specifically
      to divert lengthy flame wars from .misc.

      Announcements of general interest to the NeXT community (new
      products, FTP submissions, user group meetings, commercial
      announcements etc.)

      This is a moderated newsgroup, meaning that you can't post
      to it directly. Submissions should be e-mailed to  where the moderator (Scott Anguish)
      will screen them for suitability.

      Messages posted to announce should NOT be posted or crossposted
      to any other groups.

      A place to report verifiable bugs in NeXT-supplied software.
      Material e-mailed to Bug_N...@NeXT.COM is not published, so
      this is a place for the net community find out about problems
      when they're discovered. This newsgroup has a very poor
      signal/noise ratio--all too often bozos post stuff here that
      really belongs someplace else. It rarely makes sense to
      crosspost between this and other c.s.n.* newsgroups, but
      individual reports may be germane to certain non-NeXT-specific
      groups as well.

      Discussions about NeXT-label hardware and compatible peripherals,
      and non-NeXT-produced hardware (e.g. Intel) that is compatible
      with  NEXTSTEP. In most cases, questions about Intel hardware
      are better asked in Questions about
      SCSI devices belong in comp.periphs.scsi. This isn't the place
      to buy or sell used NeXTs--that's what .marketplace is for.

      NeXT stuff for sale/wanted. Material posted here must not be
      crossposted to any other c.s.n.* newsgroup, but may be
      crossposted to or appropriate
      regional newsgroups.

      For stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. Anything you post
      here by definition doesn't belong anywhere else in c.s.n.*--i.e.
      no crossposting!!!

      Questions and discussions of interest to NEXTSTEP programmers.
      This is primarily a forum for advanced technical material.

      Generic UNIX questions belong elsewhere (comp.unix.questions),
      although specific questions about NeXT's implementation or
      porting issues are appropriate here. Note that there are
      several other more "horizontal" newsgroups (comp.lang.objective-c,
      comp.lang.postscript, comp.os.mach, comp.protocols.tcp-ip,
      etc.) that may also be of interest.

      This is a place to talk about [third party] software products
      that run on NEXTSTEP systems.

      Stuff relating to NeXT system administration issues; in rare
      cases this will spill over into .programmer or .software.


      Like and combined.
      Exists because NeXT is a software-only company now, and
      comp.soft-sys is for discussion of software systems with scope
      similar to NEXTSTEP.

      Technical talk about the Objective-C language. Implemetations
      discussed include NeXT, Gnu, Stepstone, etc.

      Technical talk about OOP in general. Lots of C++ discussion,
      but NeXT and Objective-C get quite a bit of attention. At
      times gets almost philosophical about objects, but then again
      OOP allows one to be a programmer/philosopher. (The original no longer exists--do not attempt to post to

      Exception to the crossposting restrictions: announcements
      of usenet RFDs or CFVs, when made by the news.announce.newgroups
      moderator, may be simultaneously crossposted to all c.s.n.*

Getting the Newsgroups without getting News

    Thanks to Michael Ross at, the main NEXTSTEP groups
    are now available as a mailing list digest as well.


    (For a full description, send mail to

    The subscription syntax is essentially the same as Majordomo's.

    To subscribe, send a message to * saying:


    where * is the name of the list

Major OpenStep/NEXTSTEP FTP sites
       The main site for North American submissions formerly
       (Peanuts) Located in Germany.  Comprehensive archive site.
       Very well maintained.
       NeGeN/NiNe (NEXTSTEP Gebruikers Nederland/NeXTSTEP in the Netherlands)
       (Italian NEXTSTEP User Group)
       See below and
[from the document]

          Welcome to the NeXTanswers information retrieval system!

This system allows you to request online technical documents, drivers, and
other software, which are then sent to you automatically.  You can request
documents by fax or Internet electronic mail, read them on the world-wide
web, transfer them by anonymous ftp, or download them from the BBS.

NeXTanswers is an automated retrieval system.  Requests sent to it are
answered electronically, and are not read or handled by a human being.
NeXTanswers does not answer your questions or forward your requests.


To use NeXTanswers by Internet e-mail, send requests to  Files are sent as NeXTmail attachments by
default; you can request they be sent as ASCII text files instead.

To request a file, include that file's ID number in the Subject line or the
body of the message.  You can request several files in a single message.

You can also include commands in the Subject line or the body of the message.
These commands affect the way that files you request are sent:

  ASCII            causes the requested files to be sent as ASCII text
  SPLIT            splits large files into 95KB chunks, using the MIME
                   Message/Partial specification
  REPLY-TO address sets the e-mail address NeXTanswers uses

These commands return information about the NeXTanswers system:

  HELP             returns this help file
  INDEX            returns the list of all available files
  INDEX BY DATE    returns the list of files, sorted newest to oldest
  SEARCH keywords  lists all files that contain all the keywords you list
                   (ignoring capitalization)

For example, a message with the following Subject line requests
three files:

  Subject:  2101 2234 1109

A message with this body requests the same three files be
sent as ASCII text files:

  2101 2234 1109 ascii

This message requests two lists of files, one for each search:


  SEARCH NetInfo domain

NeXTanswers will reply to the address in your From: line.  To use a different
address either set your Reply-To: line, or use the NeXTanswers command

If you have any problem with the system or suggestions for improvement,
please send mail to


To use NeXTanswers by fax, call (415) 780-3990 from a touch-tone phone and
follow the instructions.  You'll be asked for your fax number, a number to
identify your fax (like your phone extension or office number), and the ID
numbers of the files you want.  You can also request a list of available
files.  When you finish entering the file numbers, end the call and the
files will be faxed to you.

If you have problems using this fax system, please call Technical Support
at 1-800-848-6398. You cannot use the fax system outside the U.S & Canada.


To use NeXTanswers via the Internet World-Wide Web connect to NeXT's web
server at URL


To use NeXTanswers by Internet anonymous FTP, connect to FTP.NEXT.COM
and read the help file pub/NeXTanswers/README.  If you have problems using
this, please send mail to


To use NeXTanswers via modem call the NeXTanswers BBS at (415) 780-2965.
Log in as the user "guest", and enter the Files section.  From there you
can download NeXTanswers documents.


If you need technical support for NEXTSTEP beyond the information available
from NeXTanswers, call the Support Hotline at 1-800-955-NeXT (outside the U.S.
call +1-415-424-8500) to speak to a NEXTSTEP Technical Support Technician.
If your site has a NeXT support contract, your site's support contact must
make this call to the hotline.  Otherwise, hotline support is on a
pay-per-call basis.

Thanks for using NeXTanswers!


Written by:
        Eric P. Scott ( e...@toaster.SFSU.EDU ) and
        Scott Anguish ( )

Additions from:
        Greg Anderson ( )
        Michael Pizolato ( )
        Dan Grillo ( )