f/s isa and vlb video cards

f/s isa and vlb video cards

Post by troy » Sat, 08 Aug 1998 04:00:00

i have the following from upgraded systems, all in working order        

1 each vlb cirrus logic gd5426 chipset 1meg $12 shipped
1 each vlb cirrus logic gd5428 chipset 1 meg $15 shipped
both of the above can have more video ram added

1 each isa cirrus logic gd5422 chip set i meg $10 shipped

2 each isa cirrus logic gd5401 dhipset 1/2 meg $8 shipped

2 each isa wdc (western digital) wd90c00 chip set
think they are only 256kb memory $5 each shipped

never know?? thought maybe someone was looking for an old card!


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does NOT have a VLB motherboard (it is, however, ISA). Can I do this, or
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like a VLB card, just work at all.

Thanks for any input. This sounds like a FAQ, I know, but I couldn't find
it in there.
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