Toshiba MK 538 (1.2 GB hard disk) good choice ?

Toshiba MK 538 (1.2 GB hard disk) good choice ?

Post by Ernst Kloeck » Sun, 19 Sep 1993 02:12:25


did anybody ever use the "Toshiba MK 538" hard disk with his cube or station ?

Any problems ?

Noisy ?

It's a 1.2 GB hard disk, SCSI, 12 ms seek time, half height, comes
with 3 years warranty. It seems to be the cheapest of the giga drives,
well, here in Berlin anyway.

Thanks for any info, Ernst.




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Having trouble getting MINIX 1.2 to recognize the hard disk drive in
a Toshiba T3200.  (This is the internal 40MB drive.)  Has anyone
succeeded in getting this to work with wini_at.c?  I've kept a 32MB MS-DOS
partition as the first partition; tried to put MINIX above this, but
the Toshiba FDISK program is not really helpful in telling me what is
really in place as regards partitions.  Then the suggested check

    dd if=/dev/hd0 of=/dev/null check=1000

failed to work.  Does version 1.3, which I have on order, offer any
relief from this problem?  Thanks for your thoughts.

BIX: richard

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