NSFIP For HP Vectra VL Series 3 (Pentium) PC?

NSFIP For HP Vectra VL Series 3 (Pentium) PC?

Post by Carl Jon » Thu, 27 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone loaded NSFIP onto one of HP's Vectra  VL PC's . These are  Pentium's in 75, 90,
or 100mhz versions, and a little cheaper than the XU models. Has onboard video (DRAM), but
I wouldn't be using that.

Thanks in advance.



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I have just got a brand new HP Vectra VL5/166 Mhz Pentium PC and want to
install QNX on it. I can't get the QNX-boot diskette to boot on this
PC. I have however no problem of booting with this diskette on hp vectra
VL2, VL3 and VL4 systems.

Does anyone have any sugestions to solve this problem ?

Eyjlfur Gislason
(Department of Public Works)
Tinghsvegi 5
FR-110 Trsavn
Faroe Islands via Denmark

WWW http://www.lv.fo/

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