Network cards, which are the best?

Network cards, which are the best?

Post by John Khe » Fri, 24 Sep 1993 08:13:48

Hi all,
        Time for me to get a net card...  The net seems to think that the Intel card currently supported by NeXTSTEP intel is the best card.
        Question 1: How much cache does the intel card have, and what is its throughput (approximately) compared to the built in connector on black harware.
        Question 2: Are there better cards other than the intel card that currently are not supported by NSi, but may have more cache or better throughput?
        Question 3: Where is a good place to get the intel net card?

Thanks in advance for all/any help :)

Later, John


1. AM Radio Card for a PC (yes, AM not FM)

Oh wise and sage net.gurus (hey, a little sucking up never hurt),

        My Dad has one of those little internal FM cards for his PC.
He likes it, but really would rather have an AM card. Now, I kind of
understand why that would be difficult, but I know someone out there
will have the gory technical specs. But my Dad has a friend who SWORE
he saw one somewhere. So, if anyone knows about such a beast, I'd be
eternally grateful if you could e-mail me the details. Thanks!


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