Case Reviews, Case & Hardware 'Mod' Links

Case Reviews, Case & Hardware 'Mod' Links

Post by Gooey_GU » Wed, 25 Dec 2002 07:53:33

World wide links to case galleries, case modification, case reviews and
forums. In addition, many reviews of other hardware and cooling systems are
available at these sites. Overclocking, tutorials, project guides and other
forums are among the content of these sites.

German, French, and Italian sites can be translated with the Google language
tools. Please post information for any language translation tool for other
languages if you know of them.


1. Directory's Upper /lower case / Mix case

I have noticed some strange behaviour with some directories I create using
VO and my client sites.

Even though I create the Directory as Uppercase.. on some sites this works
on some sites it makes the 1st character Uppercase and the rest lower case
and on one 98 box it make it all lower case.
The same 98 box if you were to supply a name like 'SHERBAC' it would remain
in upper case but it you add one more letter it reverts the lot to lower

The problem on some machines it does not return the full list of

Was the code Paul Piko posted on his site to get around this problem of not
returning all directories on some machines..

Damn annoying and very inconsistent.

Phil McGuinness

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