REQ: Information regarding COMPUSA FMI

REQ: Information regarding COMPUSA FMI

Post by u1deadm » Wed, 11 Jul 2001 07:08:50

Looking for information regarding COMPUSA FMI
Who are they ?
Do they have a web site.

Also looking for any infomation regarding the failure rate of COMPUSA FMI
Mobile Rack.
I brought two enclosure one Sunday, them install, powered up and 30 seconds
later two dead and burnt hard drives. COMPUSA claims that they have sold
hundreds of these enclosures and have never had any failure or problems.


1. PC Case Question -- CompUSA/FMI Screwless?

I've been thinking about building a few barebones systems to sell at the
local geek flea market and I was wondering if anyone has used the case
available at the following URL:

I'm intrigued by the design, but have been assured by a CompUSA employee
that it's crap.

That said, it is an interesting case; it's a sort of HP Pavilion
look-alike (could use a repaint, though), and it has the nifty feature
that when opened it drops open like a Mac G4 tower. The power supply is
a nice sturdy 300W, and despite its HP clonishness (nice if you're
matching decor, but excessively gimmicky) I like the idea enough that I
think it could be a selling point.

The problems I've seen with the case, however, are significant. The
biggest one is the fact that there's no way to effectively secure the
power supply wires, meaning that there is the risk of getting something
chopped up by a CPU fan. Another problem is that the case is extremely
cramped. While the drop-side configuration makes the issue of work room
irrelevant, the case does seem to be severely bottlenecked on
ventilation. My suspicion is that as nice an idea as it is, the whole
idea of designing an ATX box like this may be flawed primarily because
of the wiring issue.

What I'm asking is this: who out there has used this case, and what has
been the opinion of it? Also, does anyone else make a case with a
similar design (apart from Apple) for a reasonable (<US$100) price, or
is CompUSA the only one that sells anything like this?


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