Sidewinder 3d Pro not working in digital mode in Windows 95

Sidewinder 3d Pro not working in digital mode in Windows 95

Post by Giles Kin » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

My computer has a 233 MMX CPU on a Asus SP-97 Motherboard and a Monster 3D
Vodoo I accelerator.  I have a Creative Labs AWE64 sound card with
the Sidewinder 3D Pro attached to the game port.  The game port driver used
is "Creative Gameport Joystick".  The driver versions are msjstick.drv
V4.0.950 and vjoyd.vxd V4.05.00.0155.  I have DirectX5 installed with
DirectInput V4.05.00.0155.  I have tried uninstalling the gameport and
reinstalling with no change (per Microsoft article Q141854).  I tried
uninstalling the * Devices software (all versions, 1.5, 2, and 3) and
reinstalling it also with no change (per Microsoft article Q164415).  This
setup worked for the longest time but I had put it into analog mode
emulating a CH Flightstick because a game or two didn't support the
Sidewinder but now when I add the sidewinder back it displays a "Not
Connected" status.  The joystick still works fine ion analog mode.  I feel
like I have exhausted all possibilities besides a defective port or
joystick, it just seems strange that it quit all of a sudden in just digital
mode.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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