agp 1x/2x/4x

agp 1x/2x/4x

Post by Oliver Drechs » Thu, 22 May 2003 03:42:49


Is it possible to use a 2x/4x Graphiccard (excalibur radeon 9000 vivo)
in a 1x/2x agp slot (epox mvp3g2 or asus p5a)?

thanks in advance


1. My agp is working at 2x only can somebody help me to put it to 4x

i have an old asus riva Tnt2 v3800 combat 16 MB 4x AGP, n asus p3bf
mother board, but i recently notice that my agp is working at 2x with
sid band off, how can i put it to 4X ?, i tried changing my agp
aparture size in my bios, but no effect, somebosy please help me out
of this.

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