Dedicated Servers for lease - Web Servers & Bulk Mail Servers

Dedicated Servers for lease - Web Servers & Bulk Mail Servers

Post by Doc » Fri, 14 Jun 2002 23:42:15

Dedicated Web Servers for lease - Starting at $129.00/month

Dedicated Bulk Email Servers for lease.

Atlanta based company. Excellent service. Lots of real UUNET & Genuity
bandwidth. NO COGENT bandwidth.  $2/GB data transfer


1. VxWorks web servers & server pages technologies


     I'm looking at the possibility of creating dynamic web server pages
(similar to JSP/ASP) on VxWorks, and was wondering if the users of this
newsgroup can give me some pointers on:

1) Is Apache or any other web server available for VxWorks, besides the Wind
web server?

2) Is there an implementation of JSP, Java servlets or similar server pages
technology available for VxWorks?

Thanks in advance,
Ping Lin

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