My computer does not boot

My computer does not boot

Post by O. Torr » Mon, 15 Jul 2002 03:38:40

 I was trying to install linux on a second partition partition, but
there was an errror and I had to restart my PC. After that It does not
check for boot recor from the cd (or anywere else) anymore...

 I had been checking the CMOS but everything looks fine...

 If anyone has any suggestions it will be appeciated...

- Omar


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I met a strange problem these days, which confused me very much.
My notebook (Sharp PC-FJ10) can not boot itself into Windows95,
but still  can  boot into DOS. It used to be good, there were
a period of time in which it would easily get hot when  it  was
powered on a little longer.

The fact is  that after I install win98 on the machine, it just
blinks all the time until I press POWER down. So I changed my
mind to try Linux instead, but it blinks and stalled, and still
there are "LI" (Part of "LILO") on screen.

However,it can boot into DOS safely after I format it by "FORMAT /S"
. Also I can install MINIX on top of it :-)

I wonder that there is something wrong with the IDE cable, but
actually it is good.

I don't know why. Any help, any suggestions or any hints would be

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