Problem using SCSI CD-ROM with NeXTstation

Problem using SCSI CD-ROM with NeXTstation

Post by Rich Marshal » Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have a NeXT Colorstation. I am trying to load the 3.3 release of
NeXTstep and the Y2K patch via CD-ROM.

I have tried three SCSI CD-ROM machines now, and I receive the same
error during the boot process:

so (4,0): ERROR op:0x0 sd state:10 scsi status 0x2 (The number in
parenthesis at the beginning changes with each setting (except 0 and 7,
which produce parity errors), but the rest of the message is the same. I
tried all settings on all three CD-ROM readers with the same results.

What does this mean? Is this something I can fix myself, or do I need to
ship the hardware to somewhere for review/repair?

On the CD-ROM readers, the 2x and busy lights go on during boot and when
I insert a CD-ROM, but no icon ever appears on my desktop. Consequently,
I cannot access the information on the CD-ROMs.

I swapped out the cables and terminator, but that didn't fix the

I assume that since I have tried three different CD-ROM readers, it is a
problem with the NeXT slab.

How can this problem be resolved? If there is no easy (or inexpensive)
fix to this problem, can I simply change the date in the NeXT Mach
Operating system to avoid the problem? If so, how do I do this? Changing
the date in preferences doesn't seem to affect the date on my files.


Karen Marshall


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