monitor adapter

monitor adapter

Post by sillykid » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

hey all,
  i got a problem here. one of my pins from my monitor broke off so now
i have no red color display on it. i bought a new adapter but cant seem
to take it apart where i can see which wire goes to which pin. i have a
packard bell monitor model no. PB85238SVGA. can anyone help me out here
or point me in the right direction. any help is appreciated. thanx


1. XBOX PC Monitor Adaptor - Microsoft or some 3rd party vendor PLEASE Listen!!!

Microsoft or some 3rd party vendor PLEASE Listen!!!  

With all these old PC Monitors everyone has in their homes
not being used - SOMEONE should make an adaptor that would
allow us to use a PC monitor with the XBOX.

Apparently this was done with the Dreamcast in the past.

If anyone knows if this is being done know please let me

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