HP Vectra XU - good machine?

HP Vectra XU - good machine?

Post by Paul Pullinge » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Has any one tried this configuration with Nextstep? Or does anyone think
that it might be a good machine to use?

thanks for your help.


no nextmail at the moment  :-(

HP Vectra XU 6/150. List price: With Pentium Pro/150, 256K external
cache, 32MB RAM, 2GB hard disk drive,
Matrox Millennium, quad-speed CD-ROM, 17-inch monitor, $6,600;
with the same configuration but with dual-CPU,
$8,220. Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA; 800-752-0900, 303-
635-1000; fax, 800-333-1917.

                                  Summary of Features: HP Vectra XU 6/150
  Number of CPUs/Clock speed
                                                                                  2/150 MHz
  Motherboard manufacturer/Chip set manufacturer
  Maximum RAM/Module type
  Number of slots: PCI, ISA, shared
                                                                                  3, 3, 1
  Ports: parallel, PS/2, serial
                                                                                  1, 2, 2
  Hard disk/Interface
                                                                                  2GB/Ultra SCSI
  Graphics board/RAM
                                                                                  Matrox MGA
                                                                                  Sony 4X


1. Is the HP Vectra XU any good?

This looks like a nice system. 90MHz Pentium (MP ready), PCI, etc.

And more to the point, do the following items work (does someone have this  

        PCI (does the PCI driver from NeXT work, is the right question I guess)
        Embedded S3-864 2MB Video (I know, the Matrox Impression doesn't work)
        Embedded Ethernet
        Embedded SCSI

And can I use the HP Jetstore 6000 on this system (or any system) This is a  
DDS-2 DAT tape unit, so my gues is, it should work...

And, now we're at it, are the HP monitors any good? Which ones?

A lot of questions, I know,


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