Questios RE Gateway Model P55C-200

Questios RE Gateway Model P55C-200

Post by Ken Fosh » Sat, 08 Sep 2001 23:47:55

On the front panel on my PC next to the OFF/ON switch there are two
indications (Lights) that I have not idea what they represent. I asked
the person I purchased the PC from & they did not know. The Gateways I
use at work have a light shows power on and if the hard drive is being
searched. The only way I know the PC is ON is that the "Num Lock"
light on the keyboard is on.
Any and all help is appreciated..

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I'm looking to purchase a Pentium Pro machine, preferably with the
new chipset, that will run NS 3.3.  I'm aware of hardware compatibility
issues and am interested in any experiences with the above (or comparable)
machines anyone has had.  Obviously, I'd prefer minimal installation

I've installed NS 3.3 on a machine with an EIDE hard drive and
CD-ROM, but am not familiar with the particular problems of SCSI hard
drives and CD-ROMs (and controllers).  Any comments would be appreciated.

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