Problems with password in NT domain and NT workstation and with login

Problems with password in NT domain and NT workstation and with login

Post by Tom » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Sounds like you need to add the domain user account to the local admin
account at each workstation.
Also, create a domain account for each workstation on the server.  That
will allow the user to choose to log on locally or to the domain.  You can
create the workstation account with Server Manager.  Each workstation must
still be added to the domain using the Identification Tab in Control
Panel/Network.  Does this answer your question?

Quote:> Hello,

> We have NT 4.0 server, and most of us have NT 4.0 workstations.
> Everybody should have admin rights on his own workstation (it's
> necessary for driver-installation and testing for example).

> If logged in as domain user, people won't be admin on the
> workstations.
> Logged in as local admin, they can only access the domain, if the
> local password is the same as the domain password... As soon as the
> password is locally changed, the access will be denied to the domain.

> If they want to allow access to their harddisc, they have to create a
> new local user, with the same password as in the domain. They can not
> use/see the user of the domain. You can find them in their workgroups.

> On my WS I'm also logged in as local admin, but I'm the only one who
> can choose between login to my WS and login to the domain...
> And I'm the only one whose machine is in the workgroup "domain-name".
> Now you can find me between our servers...??

> For that reason (? I'm domain admin!?) I can pick the users from the
> domain to give access to my harddisc...

> Any ideas??

> Please reply via email, thanks

>            stefan

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Tom Gugliotta, MCP

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