nt 4.0 workstation routing problem

nt 4.0 workstation routing problem

Post by Gert » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to set up my win4.0 workstation as a router/gateway to the
internet via RAS so that my wife can get her email from her machine.

On the NT side I have ras and an ethernet card, forwarding enable and
the 'obligatory' DisableOtherSrvPackets = 0.

on her win95 I point the gateway to the ip address of the ethernic
I use 172.16.*.* on the private side.

When I ping the ip address (dynamically assigned) of my isp from the
win95 machine, I see packets going out but the isp does not answer.

Of course this all works fine from the NT station. I can ping the RAS
address of the NT (assigned by the ISP dynamically) from the win95
station. To me the packet forwarding works

I had similar problems with LINUX. Linux can do something callep IP
Masquerading where the IP address before going out is replaced with the
IP address of the local RAS connection.

Obviously my ISP does not get a valid return address.
Pleas Email me if you know how to get this to work.




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I would appreciate any insight into the following problem that anyone
might have:

My NT 4.0 SERVER has decided not to allow a user to log on interactively

(locally) unless the users account is added to the Admin group. The
policies have been set to allow everyone and all domain users to log on
locally to the server but still no access is allowed. After entering
user info into the log on dialog box, about 10 seconds pass and the
"control-alt-delete" log on sequence appears again. That user account
cannot be logged into remotely from another workstation unless that
account is added to the domain admin group as well.

When a local user account is created in my NT 4.0 WORKSTATION computer
the situation is a little different. You can log in locally to a newly
created account but after the logon sequence is complete, the standard
blue background wallpaper is the only thing visible which appears. A
"control-alt-delete" verifies that the user is logged in but NOTHING is
accessable from the desktop. The policy of the local machine is set for
all users to be able to log in interactively as well. A user profile
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Alan A

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