games and peer to peer networks

games and peer to peer networks

Post by pierc » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am running win95b with microsoft client network with 2 computers.
1) P133 w/48 megs of ram
2)PII 333 w/96 megs of ram
they are both running net/beui & ipx for the preferences
I can acces either harddrive and copy files from either computer to
another easily.
they are both set up exactly the same in the network preferences.
yet the 133 runs the network without any problems in true dos, a dos box
or win95
the 333 only runs network in true dos,
I cannot get it to run ipx net games in win95,  I am freaking out.
please help me


1. Running peer to peer network, shares files but not games

I have 4 computers and a laptop running on a peer to peer network over
fast ethernet with a Linksys hub, using Win98 on three and Win95 on the
laptop.  File sharing  works fine, and all of the computers play and share
games fine except for the one with two NIC's to use both the lan and
adsl.  I have tried booting with only one network active/connected to
allow binding of the correct one, configuring alternative setups on
bootup, and multiple network settings to the point that I do not remember
what worked originally.  At one time Sygate worked to allow me to do both,
but one of the then client computers could not run AOL under that
  This computer is a clone with 128k of ram, 500 mhz processor, 3com and
intel nic's, 13 and 10 Gb hard drives, an Mpact video chip doing both
video and sound.
  When I either host or try to join a game, the client game does not see
the other(host) computer's game.  After many repetitions I think the
settings for tcp and ipx, netbeui and file sharing are all the same across
the network.  What next?

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