need dll/vb prog to identify Netware user login name

need dll/vb prog to identify Netware user login name

Post by Peter Tyer » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone had experience in (and can point me to a solution
for) using a dll or VB program/API  which can reliably return
the Netware login username across Win3.1 (with either Netx or
VLMs), Win95 and NT3.5/3.51.

I've investigated NETAPI.DLL (only works on WFWG/3.11 and
beyond), the NW*.DLL (MS API) family and the Netware dll (whose
name I have forgotten, although it was the most promising). The
MS API's for network stuff return nulls for 3.1 with Netx and
whilst the Netware dll gives results on 3.1 with Netx, Win95
and NT it causes a GPF on 3.1 with VLM's.

I need to identify the username of a logged in Netware user in
order to invoke some server security processing. Our general
environment is Netware 3.1x/Windows 3.1/NETX but there's a
smattering of Win95, NT 3.5/3.51 and W3.1 with VLMs that must
be catered for.

Examples or pointers to code/dlls and/or documentation would be
gratefully appreciated.

thanks in advance
Peter Tyers

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