Error: The parameter is incorrect

Error: The parameter is incorrect

Post by Tom Elli » Sun, 07 Apr 2002 12:13:28

Receive this error when I try to open a node from Network Neighborhood to
map a drive from a Win 2000 system to one Win 98 system, all the other
systems work fine both Win 98 and Win2000.I am able to map the drive using
net use \\node\drive  /persistent:no from a DOS prompt

1. Startup "Parameter is incorrect" message

We're running the DNS from the NT 3.51 Resource Kit. I learned right away
that incorrect references in the Boot file or missing dots on FQDN's would
lead to a startup error: Now I have the error, listed below, and can't
find a reason.I've been over and over my config files, and everything
seems right to me.  If anyone has some clues at what might go wrong,
please chime in.

the error:
C:> net start dns

       A system error has occurred.
      System error 87 has occurred.
      The parameter is incorrect.

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