Login/out of network withour exiting windows 3.1

Login/out of network withour exiting windows 3.1

Post by First Calgary Suppo » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone ran accross the same problem or maybe even solved it. We are unable
to login/out of Novell without exiting win 3.1 first, else it logs out of the
network and will not let you back in, with out rebooting the system.



1. network old Windows 3.1 laptop(without cd-rom) with Windows 98 SE computer

I have a .386 33mhz laptop with 12mb of ram and a 240mb harddisk, the
laptop runs with Windows 3.1. I have also a pIII 500mhz computer with
128mb of ram and a 19Gb harddisk and this computer runs with Windows
98 SE. I'd like to link them up together but is this possible? When
I'm working on a document on one computer, I have to copy the document
to 3.5" disks and replace the older document on my laptop. Again and
again and again. Most of the time, the two computers are only 5 meters
away from each other. I thought to link em up with a cable but I don't
know anything about networks. If it is possible, what do I need then?

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