is -NOT- an MS-WINDOWS group is -NOT- an MS-WINDOWS group

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[ ---WARNING--- Cross-posted to multiple groups ---WARNING---]

I realize that this message is off-topic for most of these groups; but
has been flooded with off-topic posts, often cross-posted to one of these groups.  This
message is an attempt to let MS-WINDOWS and OS/2 users know that
is not a good place to get knowlegable answers on either of those topics.  (Now, if they want
to know about the best client-server windowing system ever written, that's another story...)

Last changed: 21 April 1995

This is a weekly posting intended to reduce the number of inappropriate
postings by those who may be confused by the newsgroup name; and to answer
some of the more frequently asked questions (if anything can be considered
frequent in such a low-volume group...)  Feel free to suggest additions or

Note that this is an entirely personal effort, and does not represent
any sort of official statement from Sun Microsystems, Inc, or any of
its subsidiaries or divisions.

------------------ WHAT THIS GROUP IS (AND ISN'T) ABOUT --------------------

(This section wouldn't be necessary if netnews allowed mixed-case
groupnames; or if Microsoft hadn't *ed yet another generic term
into a specific product name...)

This group is for discussions about Sun's Network extensible Window System
(NeWS); it is -NOT- for news about DOS MS WINDOWS.  There are a number of
newsgroups for WINDOWS-related postings under the hierarchy;
and a few scattered elsewhere (,,, etc.)  All of the MS WINDOWS groups have `ms' in
their name somewhere.

Often you can find the answer you want without the need to post the question.
Check news.answers, news.groups.questions, news.announce.newusers and
news.newusers.questions first.  Even if they don't answer your question
directly, they will often point you to a better source of info.

Now that NeWS has been EOLed (EOL = End Of Life), some of the
long-time readers of this group may suggest that we simply abandon it
to clueless MS-WINDOWS users.  But I belong to the camp that strongly
rejects this suggestion.  There are still people using NeWS; it will
still be available for some time; and there are even people working on
freely-redistributable NeWS clones; so I believe that this group can
still serve its original purpose.  And when it no longer can serve
that purpose, it should be abolished rather than abandoned to misuse.

------------------- THE FUTURE OF NeWS ------------------------

SunSoft has announced the intention to shift from the X11/NeWS server
to an X11+DPS based windowing system; and that NeWS and TNT have entered
End Of Life.  As far as SunSoft is concerned, NeWS has no future (although
some of the technology might wind up in other products.)

But some NeWS fans aren't willing to just quietly accept the demise
of such an elegant and powerful environment.  Some of them are working
on NeWS clones; at least one of which is intended to support TNT.  I
would be happy to include further information in this FAQ; but I don't
have any reliable information on these efforts.  (Or at least none that
I'm at liberty to release...)  

------------------- THE FUTURE OF NeWSprint ----------------

SunPics has announced their continued support for NeWSprint; and
continued development of new features.  Will it still be based
on the current xnews server?  SunPics isn't saying, and it doesn't
really matter to the user anyway...

------------------- Known NeWS applications ---------------

The following commercial applications are known to have either been
written using NeWS, or have had NeWS ports:

        FrameMaker 3.x (OpenLook version)
        Altsys Virtuoso
        HyperLook (formerly HyperNeWS, formerly GoodNeWS)
        ShowMe  (Later ported to X11.  I'm not sure whether the
                NeWS version was publicly released.)

Non-commercial NeWS applications:

        jet (excellent terminal emulator)
        hexsweeper (game)

-------------------- NeWS References --------------------

The NeWS 3.1 Programmer's Guide
SunSoft, Inc., 1992

The NeWS Toolkit 3.1 Reference Manual
SunSoft, Inc., 1992

The NeWS Book
James Gosling, David S. H. Rosenthal, and Michelle Arden
Springer-Verlag, 1989

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Fifth computer Graphics Workshop
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Usenix, 1989

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Methodology of Windoww Management,
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Springer-Verlag, 1986

NeWS is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.



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