Help Net Diag works in Dos, but doesn't work in Windows

Help Net Diag works in Dos, but doesn't work in Windows

Post by Doug Youn » Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Help Net Diag works in Dos, but doesn't work in Windows

I.e when I boot to DOS and type net diag on one machine set it up as
listener, and tyupe net diag on the other it finds it and verifies it is
sending and receiving ok - This is with 2 nics and a crossover or 2
nics, 2 normal cables and a hub.

But when I do it from the DOS prompt in windows nothing works.

Tried setting up netbui, tcp, ipx, but neither comp can find each other
in the network neighbourhood, one is set to disabled and one to enabled.

Client and service are installed. Network cards are installed and work
right, both computers have shared drives.

Both have names pc1 and pc2

Workgroup name is the same on both - work

Share Level Access is set

Logins appear on both during boot up, both ok all right.

Added and for the tcp address, with the given

HELP, what is wrong, spent 3 weeks on this.



1. DEMO32.EXE from the SDK, and INS-1500: Doesn't work.

The demonstration program provided with the Software Development Kit
from CAPI Association seems not to work with INS-1500 (Japaneese) PRI.

We send CONNECT_REQ to initiate a call, we get CONNECT_CONF without
any error code.
Then the net makes CAPI send the message DISCONNECT_IND with
which is "Message not compatible with call state"

Anyone know why this message comes? Or of differences between INS-1500
and other protocols, I mean such differenties that a CAPI programmer
must consider?

More info:
The hardware is Eicon S2M, and the net simulator is Aculab's "Groomer".
Platform: NT 4.0

The answering side also runs the SDK's DEMO32.EXE, and is put in
listening mode with "l". We were told the answering side sent a
"ALERT_REQ" as an answer to "CONNECT_IND" and that it shouldn't. But
this is as I said the
answering side, and it is the calling side that gets the error.
Both sides immediately get a DISCONNECT_IND, but the answering side
gets no error code, "Normal call clearing". We also removed the
ALERT_REQ sending from the DEMO32.EXE, but we got the same result.

Any input will be appriciated

/Lennart Floreby

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