FTP expert help

FTP expert help

Post by davelangs.. » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I wonder if anyone has come across or has any idea of what has gone wrong here;

We use a ISDN2 link for our 128k ISP connection via a cisco router which is connected
to a Blackbox firewall, the PCs accessing this are WIN95 & NT4.

Five days ago the ISDN line went down and an engineer came and did a repair. Since
that time I have failed to get any FTP client to connect to using a normal anonymous
login to any server over the internet. The only response I get is a winsock error
110019 authoring something. Sorry I can't relay the full message as I'm typing this
from home as a sort of last resort.
This gets more bizarre when I tell you that I CAN connect to ftp sites using a
account name & password. I can also connect to web sites using a browser but can not
access ftp site using a browser. I know the clients are setup correct and I have not
changed anything on the firewall or router. I also know that this same setup was
working fine the day before the engineer came. We can not even ping outside the
router but we can ping the router and inside. It's as though the only thing that will
bring up the line is http & ftp using a login other then anonymous.

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1. Help: Cannot ftp from Win98, *can* ftp from Linux using linksys BEFSR81

Hello all:

I am no longer able to ftp from my win98 to outside. I am, however,
able to ftp from the Linux box.

I searched through the archives of Usenet, picked up a few hints.
Tried them or checked out my seetings but nothing seems to make the
Win98 computer want to ftp.

Here are a few details:

* Using a Linksys BEFSR81

* DHCP disabled. Linux is machine Win98 PC is

* Although from what I understand it is for incoming requests,
forwarding on Linksys gives authorization through port 23 to both the
PC and the Linux. I had it just for Linux earlier on, but did not make
any difference.

* I did try "pasv" option on Cuteftp, did not help.

* Win98 makes the initial connection to the remote machine, I do get
the prompt to enter the password, and I do go through authentication
without a glitch, ftp hangs when the welcome message starts to appear.

* Win98 PC was able to ftp out with the initial settings from Linksys.
I had to change the settings from DHCP, and change the internal IP
address of the Linksys to access the VPN of the company I work for
from home. In fact, before these changes the Win98 PC was also able to
ftp out.

Any suggestions to solve the problem would be appreciated.


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