Intel Netport Replacement

Intel Netport Replacement

Post by Jim Smi » Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:25:46

Now that Intel is no longer in Print Server business, we are looking
to move our company to a new print server standard.  The Intel Netport
allows you to see it on the network as a Microsoft Printer share,
without installing any additional software on the client side (such as
NetBEUI protocol, HP JetDirect driver, or NT's LPR).  Does any one
know of other print servers that do this, Microsoft (SMB) printing
over TCP/IP?

Basically were looking for a drop-in replacement for the Netports.  HP
and Axis would both require software and configuration changes on each
of our 500+ systems.



1. Intel NetPort XL or NetPort Pro for TCP/IP-bases Windows NT network?


We are converting out NetWare 3.11 network to Windows NT. The "new"
network will exclusively use TCP/IP, so we'll have to throw some old
Intel NetPorts (without II, XL, Pro or other suffixes) away. Since the
experiences with the NetPorts have mainly been good, we'd like to
purchase some new NetPorts (because the printers are not located in
the vicinity of a PC that could act as a print server.

Judging from the Intel Data Sheets
both the Intel NetPort XL and the NetPort Pro will satisfy our
demands. Although it looks that the NetPort Pro can do "more" than the
XL, the Pro is significantly less expensive than the XL. Is my
impression of the Pro being the "bigger" product wrong or is this a
price glitch?

Can anyone comment on experiences with the Pro and/or the XL? Which
product should I go for?

Any hints will be appreciated.



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