Simulation of Embedded Sensor Networks

Simulation of Embedded Sensor Networks

Post by Vina » Wed, 15 May 2002 22:39:42

Are there any simulation tools to monitor the performance of embedded
sensor networks?
i would appreciate any pointers in that direction.



1. NTP for Embedded Systems and embedded OS's?

Hi there,

Our product is a distributed control system (MC68k) operating on a
token-based 2.5Mb/s network.

We currently implement our own time synch between nodes (using a single
node as a reference, usually connected to some form of radio clock).
Accuracy between nodes must be in the region of 1ms.

Can anyone help with the following questions:

- is there source code available anywhere for NTP (preferably for an
embedded system)?
- is it possible to achieve accuracies of 1ms on Ethernet with TCP/IP?
- has anyone ever come across an embedded OS which provides NTP as a
component (either of the OS or the stack)?


Eddie McNally


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