Best advice for simple peer to peer network

Best advice for simple peer to peer network

Post by Doug » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

We're hosting an event where we need to have 4 computers networked, one
will act as a primary server housing an Access DB and the three others
will serve as data entry terminals to update the database.  

Anyone have preferences or advice on what scheme to use WFW or Win 95,
will we need network adapters or can we rig up some serial connection(the
machines will be right next to each other) or other setup.  Do we use
coaxial or twisted pair?


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I'm trying to set up a 2 computer peer network in my home office. For
development reasons we are running NT servers on both computers. All I
want to be able to do is share folders and printers between the 2
computers. Do I have to have one set up as a PDC? I don't think I do if I
just want to use Workgroups. I know less than nothing about windows
networking (coming from Unix background.

I have installed everything and can ping each machine from the other and
have set sharing on folders that I wish to share between computer. When I
go into Network Neighborhood I can see the shared resources but when I
try to double click on a folder to see the contents, Explorer hangs for
about 5 minutes and finally times out with a message about the folder not
being accessible. This occurs on one machine. On the other machine I get
a message about "unexpected network error occured". I've run diagnostics
on the cards and haven't found any hardware problems. I don't what to do
next. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Email would be

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