help: NT proxy server & Unix web server...

help: NT proxy server & Unix web server...

Post by David P. Michau » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

My knowledge with networking is not great...

I have an Indy {Silicon Graphics [Runs IRIX 6.2 (Unix)]} and an NT box
sitting next to each other in my home. The NT box is running a proxy
server service so I can map my internet service over my LAN to the Indy
(and other systems in the house.) On both the NT box and the Indy I'm
running Apache. At the moment the NT Apache service is the one being
used. What I want to do is make my Indy my web server, like having a
server within a server. So I'm thinking what I need to do is somehow
forward the requests to my NT box over to the Indy... but how. The NT's
'fake' IP is and the Indy's 'fake' IP is With my
ISP I have a dynamic IP, 206.152.x.x, so I need to forward the requests
of 206.152.x.x to

Also, I would like to be able to network the two systems so I can share
files without having to FTP them... a browser is it? Where you have to
mount the drives? I've heard of Samba for Unix, but that's it, and I'm
pretty sure that Samba is all I need.

I really need to get this done, so if anyone can help me with this, any
info is appreciated. Also, if you could reply via e-mail, that would be

Thank you,
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