TLS protocols vs. SET, SSL protocols over networks?

TLS protocols vs. SET, SSL protocols over networks?

Post by Ray Lope » Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I am interested in information on the newer TLS protocol for digital
encryption for web browsers, and whether it has displaced the older SET, SSL
protocols.  What NG handles this?  And does anybody know the answer?

Many thanks.


1. Unable to set default network protocol on client machines - Default Protocol checkbox disabled


I am administering a small (< 20 clients) NT network that was recently
converted from Netware.  All the client machines are running either Win95 or

When we converted from Netware, we removed all but the MS Windows Networking
client and installed only TCP/IP as the available network protocol.
Everything has worked fine except that one of applications used in the
company has seen some degradation in its performance.  This third-party
application was originally written for Novell, but has been ported to NT.

In our attempts to isolate the cause for this degradation, we have been
working with the company that developed the application and their technical
staff.  Comparing our installation with other installations of the same
application on NT, it has been determined that other installations have the
MS provided IPX/SPX compatible protocol installed (in addition to TCP/IP) on
each workstation.  In these other installations, the IPX/SPX protocol has
been set as the default protocol (i.e., the "Set this protocol to be default
protocol" checkbox found on the Advanced tab of the protocol properties
dialog is checked).  I've attempted to emulate this but have run into a
problem.  I can add the IPX/SPX protocol, but when I attempt to set this as
the default protocol, I find the checkbox disabled (and unchecked).  Looking
at the same checkbox for the TCP/IP protocol, I find it also disabled, but

How do I go about re-enabling this checkbox so that I can reset the default
protocol from TCP/IP to IPX/SPX?


- Bruce

Bruce E. Caraway
SIG, Inc.
25307 I-45N
Bldg 4, Suite 101A
The Woodlands, TX 77380

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