Experts Wanted!! Experts Wanted!!

Experts Wanted!! Experts Wanted!!

Post by Tom Holde » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

This may be in the wrong group but it is NOT advertising, it is for the
benefit of other people.

Hi, I would like to put together a text file containing a list of lots
of people who wouldn't mind having people e-mail them for assistance.

I know this is the idea about newsgroups but when you post a message,
lots of people answer. Some don't know what they're talking about and
some just shout abuse at you. You also have to download the whole
newsgroup to get the help you wanted.

I thought it would be nice if there was an A - Z guide to problem
solving on the net!

If you wouldn't mind people aproaching you with problems and you are a
real expert at something, every one has to be good at something!
E-mail me your name, email address and special subject.

Thanks, this service will not cost people anything. When I have finished
compiling it, I will make it available to anyone that wants it.

Tom Holder
Tom Holder


1. Expert Presenters in Routers/Switchers and LAN/WAN fields wanted!

The University of Maryland is in search of knowledgeable individuals to
design and present short courses, (5 or 10 hours in length), in the
Internet / Intranet / Network topic area.  These courses will be
transmitted to a satellite network of corporate & government sites
throughout North America.  

Desired courses include, but are not limited to the following:

- Intranet Design
- System Security
- Local  and Wide Area Networks
- Routers and Switches
- Network Architectures and Protocols
- Fiber-Optic Communications

Presenters must possess clear communication skills and expert knowledge in
chosen topic.  Compensation is in the form of  guarantee sum or percentage
of course revenue.

To learn more about this opportunity, please visit our web site at

To submit a proposal, please include the following information:

- Course Title
- Program Description
- Speaker Biography
- Benefits to Business and Industry
- Intended Audience

Questions and proposals can be e-mailed to Denise Belisle at:

Allow 1 to 2 weeks for response as proposals go through a committee
selection process.

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