Wingate & CuSeeMe

Wingate & CuSeeMe

Post by Mathias Fuerlinge » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Help me !!!

How to route port 7648&7649 for cuseeme ???

Can anyone tell me how to configure Wingate 1.3
on my NT server to get cuseeme through the firewall?

Any help will be apreciated



1. CuSeeMe / Sockscap32 / wingate -- making it all work

I am trying to get CuSeeMe to work.
The server machine is running Wingate 2.0 Lite as a proxy firewall.
Inside the firewall, I have two clients.  On one, I would like to run
CuSeeMe.  I cannot run it through Wingate without a Socks server.  So,
I am using NEC's Sockscap32.  It works with Netscape no problem.  Now
how to make CuSeeMe to work?
I think there is something to do with opening tcp/udp ports... but I
don't know.  anyone out there making this work?
thanks in advance
(prefer posted replies to this)
`  David                      `


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