How to Reset Admin Password for Visual Source Safe

How to Reset Admin Password for Visual Source Safe

Post by Srin » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 04:09:11


A consultant was hired to setup Visual SourceSafe(Source code
repository) for our group. He set it up perfectly & it works like a
charm. The consultant who set it up left & now we realised that we do
not have admin password for it. Is there a way that we can reset the
admin password.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.




1. Unable to reset admin password

Just made my first bad ebay purchase. Someone sold me a Cisco CVPN 3002
which might be defective; for some reason, I can't reset the admin
password of using the cable (I tried with two separate cables). I can
get to the browser-based menu, but not to the hyperterm one to reset
the admin password (pressing the reset button at the back doesn't do
much good since I can't connect via the terminal).

Any idea how I could go about factory-resetting the unit? There is
nothing in the instruction manual on it and nothing on Cisco's
discussion groups. Any help would be highly appreciated.



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