Is this for real? Is so where can it be purchased?

Is this for real? Is so where can it be purchased?

Post by virtual.. » Sat, 27 Jan 2001 23:36:09

Smart Desk Inc, supposedly has a product called iNODE. From what I know
it is supposed to self heal a computer regardless of whether or not the
whole system has crashed. Is is pre-boot? Has anyone heard of it or had
a chance to use it? It's supposed to replace the need for any network
maintenance. Supposed it can deploy any operating system within 15
minutes for 2000 prof and 30 seconds for 95. How does it add the
computer to the network? There web-site ( doesn't show
how to purchase it. If anyone has any information I would really
appreciate it. Also has anyone heard of PXE. It says something about it
on the website.

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1. Am I hacked? Am I at least safe?

Hi.  I got a cable modem last month, and after reading many articles about
security I installed ZoneAlarm.  I have my File and Print sharing off, and
ZoneAlarm set to it's high security setting.  Well, I've noticed a lot of
alerts...All from address o many of my ports.  I tried
Sam Spade, but I'm not much in the know when it comes to this stuff.  I
think there were entries for bogus rDNS under the addresses I'm suspecting.
Well, I did a netstat in dos, and I saw the same addresses...mostly with
TIME_WAIT, but occasionally a connection was ESTABLISHED or SYN_SENT
(whatever that means).

So, I would like to know:

1.  Am I being hacked?  Attempted?
2.  Who is this that's contacting my computer?
3.  If I am being targeted, with the setup I have, how safe am I?  And if
so, Any other common (cheap) precautions?

Thanks, Mark Moreau.

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