System Service

System Service

Post by gsta.. » Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:34:41

I have win2k server. I am trying to run g6 ftp as a system service so
that i don't have to be logged in to have this program run.. Does
anyone have any idea how i would go about doing this..


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1. Does This Kind of Voicemail System / Service Exist?

I'm involved with a small non-profit organization with no paid staff (so
there's usually nobody present to answer the phone) which is trying to
decide how best to incoming telephone calls.  We have quite a bit of
information on various topics which we'd like to make available (far
more than would fit in any single message of reasoonable length).

One idea under discussion is to use a moderately complex system of
voicemail menus, fanning out into more and more specific info, with the
voicemail system always answering calls but offering a menu option to
ring through.  We certainly don't need multiple mailboxes for different
classes of messages, and probably don't need *any* ability for callers
to leave messages.  We only have one phone line and don't need any more.

I've done a bit of searching and haven't yet found anything but systems
designed to integrate with a PBX or very limited services (one-level
fanout to a few mailboxes) offered by the telcos -- neither of which
meets this need.  

If anyone here knows of a service or system which might suit us (not too
expensive, single line, essentially unlimited numbers and levels of
menus, answers immediately but allows ringing through under menu
control), I'd appreciate a pointer so I can go find out more about it.  
We're located in Verizon-land, near Boston, Mass.  


Dave Anderson

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