wingate throughput cut in half?

wingate throughput cut in half?

Post by dchar.. » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

We are having a problem with our transfer rates through wingate. Our
lan is connected to the net via 128k isdn. On the machine running
wingate our transfer rates average 7-12kbps. When we access the net
via wingate from another workstation our average dips down to  a
consistant 3kbps or so..We are all running win95 machines.  If anyone
has had similar experiences any input would be appreciated. thanks.


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      Have any other Sportster 33600 Fax modem owners noticed a drastic
reduction in throughput since installing IE4 PP2? Although I connect at
28.8Kbps the connection actually resembles the throughput of a 14.4Kbps
modem (1.5Kbps). Only when simultaneously downloading two files do I
experience the speed of a true 28.8Kbps connection (3.1kbps). I have tried
every conceivable option. Is there a solution that I am unaware of?

Thank You,
Joseph Bongiovanni

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