Novell Anthem MCA Ethernet adapter setup ?

Novell Anthem MCA Ethernet adapter setup ?

Post by Lars Fosd » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 06:53:15

I've been given the task of installing Windows for Workgroups on an old
IBM P70 (Luggable 386 w/MCA bus) equipped with a Novell Anthem MCA Ethernet

I got WfWg up and running on the net, but it was extremely unstable.
On occasions, it dies, exits to DOS, refuses to start, and so on.

After battling with it for a while, I found out that the card was
configured to use IRQ 3.  Now, that creates an IRQ conflict problem with
the serial mouse, which is not good.

That should be easy to fix by changing the card setup, but the problem is,
the card is software-configurable only, and I don't have a single tool
for the job!

So, if anyone could point me to a software config tool for the MCA bus
version of Novell Anthem, that would really make my day.

Lars F.


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