NT Routing Problems

NT Routing Problems

Post by mbie.. » Sat, 27 Jan 2001 05:41:17

I am having a problem with an NT Server SP6 running MS Exchange.

I am trying to reach it through a firewall but it's not reacheable.

A packet sniffer shows that packets are getting received from Internet
addresses and being sent to the source address, but the packets are
getting misdirected to the wrong gateway.

The server is set up with the firewall as it's primary gateway and a
secondary gateway to a router that both links to another Exchange
server and routes traffic over a dsl line.

I have determined that the problem is that rather than routing the
packets back to the path that sent it (to the primary gateway) it's
building dynamic routes through the secondary gateway to all external
ip addresses. I can see them appearing in the routing table. When I add
a static route to the server for a particular address, it gets routed
properly and access is restored.

So....can someone suggest why the primary gateway is being ignored and
dynamic routes are being built? RIP is not running on the server. The
gateway is pingable. But all Internet traffic is being diverted to the
secondary gateway.


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Please Help....

I have 2 routers (3640 & 801) talking to each other using dialer profiles
over an ISDN connection, this works great using ip unnumbered.

I have added a static route to the local workstation pointing to the remote
network via the 801.

I can telnet to the remote router, I can ping workstations on the network on
the far side of the remote router when I'm telnetted in.


I cannot ping anything on the remote network (other than the router) from
the local workstation and get a reply.
If  I tracert I see the 801(local)  then the 3600 (remote) then *'s

I think I may need to add a route pointing back to the local network into
the routing table on the remote network, but this is only a guess.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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