Card Bus/PC Card & 100Mbps Ethernet

Card Bus/PC Card & 100Mbps Ethernet

Post by Michael Gea » Mon, 19 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>Thinking about moving to fast ethernet but was wondering about the effects of
>CardBus (32-bit?) vs. PC Card (16-bit) cards. Is fast ethernet less
>efficient/useful on the PC Card interface than with CardBus? If so, does it
>mean I should get a CardBus 100Mbps NIC rather than a PC Card if my notebook
>supports CardBus in order to take full advantage of the fast ethernet? Is
>speed compromised if I use the PC Card rather than CardBus?

Yes, I've got some of each, and the CardBus 100BaseTX cards are at
least twice as fast as the PCMCIA, maybe more.


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1. Can a PCM Expansion Bus (DSP card) and MVIP bus (ISDN-T1 card) communicate?

Can a PCM Expansion bus (DSP card) and an MVIP bus (ISDN card)

We are working on an automated system to test DSC switches.  We have a
PC with a PRI-ISA48 card with a T1 span and a Dialogic D/121B DSP-based
voice board with a DTI/101 interface to a T1 line.  The T1 lines are
connected to a DSC switch.  We set up a call using ISDN messages between
the PRI card and the switch on a D-channel and get a B-channel set up with
a connection through to the Dialogic card.  At that point we want to
prove 2-way connectivity using DTMF tones.  The PRI card can't detect
or interpret DTMF tones or audio information like the Dialogic, but does
have an MVIP bus you can connect to another card in your PC.  But we
can't just connect it to the Dialogic; the Dialogic card uses a PCM
Expansion Bus, a different standard.

So, is there in existance something that can translate between these
two standards?  Or are we going to have to go out and buy another voice
card that uses MVIP?  We can't easily change to a PEB ISDN card.


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