Help!! USB PC to PC problems

Help!! USB PC to PC problems

Post by Digital M » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I purchased a Belkin PC to PC USB connection and have 2000PRO on a
laptop on 98 on my desktop.  I am unable to get a faster connection
than 3.3Mbps.  Please email me if you can help.


1. PC/Computing brandishes USB modem ignorance in review of Sportster USB

  This was just too funny to not share. The August issue of
PC/Computing has a roundup of Windows 98 hardware, specifically USB
stuff. Included in the mix is that loveable 3Com/USR Sportster Voice
Faxmodem Pro External (the one with the USB connector).
  Talking about this modem, they list "minimal driver hassle" among
the pro's, and describe it as being "USB-ready for months", but that
the "drivers have been waiting on Windows 98." Naturally, this struck
me as incredibly funny considering that all of us who have this modem
and have been waiting to hook it up by USB instead of serial can
testify to a few things -- 1) the drivers *are* the big hassle of the
whole thing, it's certainly not a "minimal" anything. 2) the modem may
have had a USB connector for months, but it's become clear that it has
not been and continues to not be "USB-ready." Drivers were not only
*not* waiting on Windows 98, but they now have us waiting on them,
weeks after the release of 98, with at least a month or two apparently
left until we get them.
  Given the huge delays between the time that these stories get
written and when they actually get published, I would have been
willing to give them the benefit of the doubt if I wasn't familiar
with their particular brand of cluelessness from previous reading.
I've never seen a magazine so utterly clueless about 3d graphics (even
worst than their Ziff-Davis twin PC Magazine, as incredible as that
seems), and it's clear that their ignorance isn't limited to 3D
graphics... still, they're always good for a few laughs. :)

Frank Garcia
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