Socks Firewall Library/API

Socks Firewall Library/API

Post by Iftikhar Qures » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 02:04:47

Hi All,

I'm looking for Socks Firewall Library/API (Win32). I've to write a
web-browser with proxy functionality (to be able to surf the web
behind a firewall/proxy).

Thanks in advance.



1. High level language FAX APIs/Libraries

I am looking for a programming language FAX library.  MS-DOS is preferred,
as well as Borland Turbo Pascal.  Ability to run on a network is a plus
as well.  The library should have functions for sending and receiving
faxes.  Also, if there is such a product to convert ASCII/WordPerfect
files to TIFF CCITT Group III/IV format, I would like to know.  I am
looking into Async Professional 2.0 for DOS (TP).  Does anybody have
any opinons on this piece of software.  I have other TurboPower products
and they are great.

Any comments or recommendations would be great.

Mike McWhinney
Elja, Inc.

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