Help needed with network installation

Help needed with network installation

Post by Mart » Fri, 26 Jan 2001 00:13:29


I am soon to be enjoying a wide band ADSL internet connection and wish to
share it between two computers, one a 700mhz machine running Windows 2000
Professional, and the second a 500mhz machine with Windows 98se.
I will install CAT5 cabling to two outlets close to both PC's and install a
10/100 NIC in both.
My main questions are:
Do I require a hub or router or both ( I have seen the Linksys cable/dsl
router advertised in the US, this seems ideal but only comes with a RJ45
connection to the ADSL modem, if this product is usable are they available
in the UK)
Can I share a printer with either of the above
The ADSL modem is a USB type, is this compatible with the above
Which network protocol is best for the above
Which is the best internet connection sharing software
Will both of the machines be able to access the net simultaneously

I hope I have supplied the necessary information for my query, if not I will
be happy to repost.

Thanks in anticipation



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        I just had a second phone line installed in my home, and the
Network Interface Box was installed on the outside of the house.  This
strikes me as a problem, since it leaves the box open to weather,
vandalism, and theft of service.  Also, my phone number is written
inside the box (which does have a hole for a padlock, but which is
made of flimsy plastic).

        When I discussed this with the foreman, he told me that this
was standard procedure and mandated by the Mass. Department of Public
Utilities.  The justification is that they need access to the box for
test purposes.  I don't seem to have any option to have it installed
inside the house.

        Is this proper?  Is this practice universal?  Have I worked in
computer security too much, and am I just too paranoid??

David Ofsevit

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