"cannot view user list" fix (Win 95)

"cannot view user list" fix (Win 95)

Post by Erik Mill » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I had been having the problem of getting the message "You cannot view
the list of users at this time. Please try again later" whenever
attempting to share a folder with user-level access in Windows 95.

NT 4.0 domain, Windows 95 client. I've seen some people post questions
about this to usenet, but no answers.

I finally traced it down to bad versions of vnetsup.vxd and/or
vredir.vxd. I think I got them when I first installed the DFS Client
for Windows 95.

Whatever, I went to Microsoft's www site and downloaded the latest
version of the Windows 95 DFS Client, which is called:


...and that fixed it. I even uninstalled the DFS client, keeping the
two files, and it still works just fine.

You can get it at:


Erik Miller,
MCPS (NT Server 4.0)