3-way X-10 light switch installation

3-way X-10 light switch installation

Post by Kevin May » Mon, 04 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I have two 3 way switches that control a hallway light. I am trying to
install a new Leviton 16383 dimmer and 611-msoor-101 slave. I have read
some articles on the HTI page, but still need some help. I now realize (I
think) that the switch closest to the panel should be the slave, and the
one furthest away should be the dimmer. The two switches that are there
now both have three wires coming out of the back of them. One of those
wires goes into the switch and is labeled (common) on the back and is
located at one end of the switch. I was assuming that this would be the
traveler wire. The other two wires are on the other end of the switch,
and I figured one must be hot, and the other must be the load. Is my
logic sound so far?



1. x-10 3-way switch with standard light switch?

Hello X-10ers,

I was wondering if an X-10 switch can be wired into a 3-way circuit, where
one of the switches is a standard toggle light switch.  

I've read Kingery's articles on 3-way switches, but don't see what I'm
after. I know that most of the 3-ways use a momentary slave on the control
line - which the normal toggle switch is not... The real issue is that my
wife doesn't like the X-10 switches and the Levitron tactile switches are
too expensive.


Toby B. Martin

"Ma'am, we're with the Government, and we're here to help."

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