TV Outlets

TV Outlets

Post by Shum » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 10:02:33

I am new to home automation and am doing a bit of research before I decide
to automate things.  I was wondering if anyone can shed some on the
following questions...

1.  Security - Security system which integrates home alarm, camera system,
records video, perhaps integrates with computer system/LCD panel
2. Multimedia -  How to control music/tv throughout house, Get sat on all
TV's, how to setup multimedia centre.

It would be cool ...have
1. Dummy terminals - should have one computer server, all users can logon
with monitor and create a new session etc.  Perhaps do not need a tv in all
rooms just an LCD panel, which can control a TV tuner card and sound from
somewhere else.

Thank you in advance.


1. Generic 3-outlet splitter on a UPS battery outlet ?

Hello !

I just purchased an Energizer 600VA UPS for my home. I'm using it with
a Pentium 3 based PC hooked to a 17" monitor.

The UPS' monitoring software tells me that the UPS has a load of 49%.

Could I buy a small, 3-outlet power strip (only a Y kind of splitter,
not a surge protected one) to add a few more devices to the "battery
backuped" part of the UPS, in a safe way ? (assuming they won't bring
the load over 80%)

Thank you very much !


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